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Advanced PPC takes pride in thorough analysis. Guess work can cost thousands.



Removing irrelevant or vague search terms and careful targeting can reduce campaign costs by up to 50%.


Your account can be expanded to include Conversion Tracking, Display Adverting, Bing and Social Advertising.

What we do

Advanced PPC Ltd. are primarly a PPC Management company. We are experts in running paid search accounts including Adwords and have extensive knowledge and experience in making the most of our customers hard earned money. If you have your own Adwords account, have another company manage the account or are new Google advertising we will be happy to help. We do not charge any set up fees for any customers and offer low monthly rates. The vast majority of our clients are amazed by the difference we can make & how much they had wasted previously.

Adwords account

Most people do not realise all the options that are available on Adwords.
Ask yourself these questions ...

1. Do you have Conversion Tracking?
2. Do you know exactly what was searched that triggered a click?
3. Are you running any banner ads on the Display Network?
4. Do you Remarket to your website visitors?
5. Do you have enough time to closely monitor your account?
6. Do you use Ad Extensions?
7. Do you test multiple ads & landing pages?
8. Do you use different bids for exact & phrase matches for the same keyword?
9. Are you able to quantify the exact R.O.I. on every keyword of your campaign?

PPC Management