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Display & Banner Advertising  

Google's Display Network (GDN) is a huge number (over 1 Million) of websites that provide a space on their webpages to host a form of Google Advertising in the form of Banner adverts. It can be a hugely effective way to increase traffic to your website but is particularly useful to raise brand awareness. It is also a way to show adverts to potential customers that have previously visited your website. Google estimates that their display network provides coverage to over 90 percent of all Internet users, which is one rather large reason why you should be using it.  However, it’s not just the reach of the network that makes it so impressive, it’s the ability to target users in a variety of ways that makes the Google Display Network such a potentially lucrative platform for advertisers.

Here at Advanced PPC we are able to create Banner Ads to show on the Google Display Network. We do not charge any extra to create these ads for PPC Management clients as they can add a huge amount to the effectiveness of a campaign. At the moment the vast majority of these ads are for large international companies. However, they can be targeted so that smaller companies can make good use of them. It is possible to target by location and by the actual content of that webpage. For example, if you are estate agent in York we can target property websites (zoopla, findaproperty, gumtree property pages..) only to computers that are in York and the surrounding areas.

Remarketing allows you to deposit a cookie on the computers of the visitors to pages on your website.  Google will then display ads specifically to those people whenever they visit sites on the Google Display Network.

Remarketing targeting ranges from the very basic, meaning you’d be able to show ads to anybody who has visited your site, to much more complex targeting.  For instance, Google will allow you to target your ads purely to people who have viewed a video on your homepage, and remained on the site for a certain period of time. The more remarketing lists you’re able to set up, the more strategic you can be when targeting your audience using the display network.