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Google's Display Network


Google's Display Network (GDN) is a huge number (close to 1 Million) of websites that provide a space on their webpages to host a form of Google Advertising. For example below is a section of the movie database IMDb.

Google Display Network

The American Express advert is a Banner Display Ad through the GDN and is created and placed through an Adwords Account. IMDb will share the click revenue with Google and instead of having to arrange advertising income themselves, they use Google. There are also spaces for text ads on many websites similar to on Google's Search Engines. There are 24.2 Billion possible impressions daily on the GDN and can create a huge amount of brand awareness and visitors to your website.

Banner Ads

Here at Advanced PPC we are able to create Banner Ads to show on the Google Display Network. We do not charge any extra to create these ads for PPC Management clients as they can add a huge amount to the effectiveness of a campaign. At the moment the vast majority of these ads are for large international companies. However, they can be targeted so that smaller companies can make good use of them. It is possible to target by location and by the actual content of that webpage. For exmaple, if you are estate agent in York we can target property websites (zoopla, findaproperty, gumtree property pages..) only to computers that are in York and the surrounding areas.



If you look at the image above you can see that the conversion rate on the GDN is 4.68% with an average click on $0.35. For the search network the avearge cost per click is $0.53 with a conversion rate of 5.63%. The cost per conversion is $7.48 on the display network & $9.41 on the search network (search engines). Especially when comapred to an expensive (cost per click) campaign the display network can create a massive return. We also find that we can serve 1 million impressions for usually a few hundred pounds & provide a huge amount of brand awareness.


Remarketing is a way to show adverts only to people who have visited your website. If you would like more information on this please contact us.


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Advanced PPC takes pride in thorough analysis. Guess work can cost thousands.



Removing irrelevant or vague search terms and careful targeting can reduce campaign costs by up to 50%.


Your account can be expanded to include Conversion Tracking, Display Adverting, Bing and Social Advertising.