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Waste Avoidance

The first factor of any new PPC Management account is to find way that money is being wasted. It is a common problem that there are search terms that trigger ads that are not 100% relevant or are too vague or general to produce decent results. Often campaigns are set up with broad or phrase matches that are triggered for a much larger range of search terms than many clients realise.

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Quite often many new customers also may have a text ad set up so that it appears on Google's Display Network as well as Google's search engines. This can produce a large number of irrelevent clicks to your website. This is a default setting on Adwords and can create a huge number of impressions and a large number of clicks. In our experience we find that these visitors have a low conversion rate and do not contact you.

Below is an example of how a campaign can be optimised to produce a lower Cost per Click (CPC). We began management on this account on Dec 5th 2012 (black vertical line) - at that point the campaign have an average cost per click of £0.61 and 417 clicks with an overall cost of £254 for the week. After 6 weeks of management we had an average CPC of £0.39 with 473 clicks - an overall cost of £184 for that week. We had manage to increase clicks, reduce cost and decrease wasted clicks on the account.



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Advanced PPC takes pride in thorough analysis. Guess work can cost thousands.



Removing irrelevant or vague search terms and careful targeting can reduce campaign costs by up to 50%.


Your account can be expanded to include Conversion Tracking, Display Adverting, Bing and Social Advertising.