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A good website can make a huge difference in the conversion rate of potential customers particularly in the service industry. Most people when looking for a company will look at between ten to twelve websites and only contact two or three companies. In our experience it is the same websites that over and over again get the contact as most people who are researching for a service are looking for a similiar qualities of a website.

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The conversion rate (Number of responses (calls, e-mails or purchases) / Number of visitors to website) can increase by up to ten times due to a well designed website. It can also produce a better landing page experience on Google Quality Score which produces a overall increase in position in the Sponsored Ads or a decrease in Cost Per Click (CPC). In many cases we may encourage a redesign for new PPC customers as we are not confident of a high return .

Advanced PPC Ltd. are always happy to offer competitve quotes for new websites and will often offer reduced prices for existing PPC Management customers, especially considering that they can massively increase the effectiveness of a campaign. If you would like a quote or see examples of our work please contact us or leave your information above


web design

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Advanced PPC takes pride in thorough analysis. Guess work can cost thousands.



Removing irrelevant or vague search terms and careful targeting can reduce campaign costs by up to 50%.


Your account can be expanded to include Conversion Tracking, Display Adverting, Bing and Social Advertising.