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Yahoo & Bing Ads

All campaigns can be extended to make use of Yahoo & Bing's search engines. They work in almost the same the way except they have less users than Google. However, the actual cost per click is often smaller and if your budget is not huge & the phrases you are competing for are well searched it is often a great way to make the most of your budget.

bing ads setup
We have found at Advanced PPC that using Yahoo & Bing can make a huge difference to the profitabliity of your online advertising especially for popular search terms. We have found that in some cases the overall cost per click can be 3 or 4 times less than on Google & in many cases we will recommend adding a Bing Ads Account (You can use Big Ads for Yahoo as well) and using a large part of your monthly budget towards it. Again we will not charge for this service.


Facebook & Linkedin

We can also provide sponsored ads on these social networking site. Here at Advanced PPC we use Linkedin extensively to attract new customers as we can target particular job roles & only advertise to directors & owners of companies or to marketing managers. We can also target on both Facebook & Linkedin by age, location, gender & on Facebook by interests & hobbies.

We will often recommend these forms of advertising especially for business to business services (on Linked in) or for brand awareness on Facebook. As with Banner Ads on GDN we can usually provide 1 Million impressions for a few hundred pounds on Facebook andthese can be targeted to a particular age group or location


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Advanced PPC takes pride in thorough analysis. Guess work can cost thousands.



Removing irrelevant or vague search terms and careful targeting can reduce campaign costs by up to 50%.


Your account can be expanded to include Conversion Tracking, Display Adverting, Bing and Social Advertising.